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Financial Statement Preparation
One of the keys to operating a successful business is having timely and accurate financial information at your disposal. This is where our company is really an asset to your company. A compiled financial statement prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) will provide the information you need. Some examples of possible uses for your Financial Statements are:
  • Management of an established company may use financial statements for their own purposes to determine how the income is growing or if expenses are in check.
  • Lenders may require a new or struggling company to provide financial statements to understand the status of the company. They may want to see if their loan will be paid back, if they should they renew a loan, or if they should extend a line of credit.
  • Investors may want to see what kind of return their money is making. The financial statement may tell the investor that management is doing a good job and that an additional investment is warranted.
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